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Class 9 Bundle AP & Telangana State Board

This bundle comes with Math, Physics, Biology, Social Sciences and a Surprise Free Course

Class 9 Bundle AP & Telangana State Board
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Course Includes


  • The framework is designed meticulously to facilitate the students and for flexible learning schedule.

  • Mode of classes : The live interactive sessions by the expert teachers having 15+ years of experience in teaching.

  • Apna Bundle Course is designed to facilitate the aspirant learners to grasp their academic concepts clearly.

  • The concepts of the Class 9 Math, Physics, Biology, Social Sciences will be covered under this Course.

  • The duration of each class will be of 50 minutes.

  • The Bundle Course will have 112 classes for Mathematics.

  • The Bundle Course will have 86 classes for Physics.

  • The Bundle Course will have 54 classes for Biology.

  • The Bundle Course will have 86 classes for Social Sciences.

  • There will be a doubt session at the end of each class.

  • The Master Tutor will clarify the doubts.

  • The students can access the Course material like textbooks and worksheets for practice.

  • The weekly tests that are planned as a part of the Bundle Course which enables the parent to assess the performance of their child.

  • By the end of the Bundle Course, the students will be having a good hold on the concepts of their Academic grade and hence will proceed further with high confidence levels.

4 Courses In Bundle

9th Class Mathematics Telangana & Andhra

Apna Patshala ensures that students of Class 9 have a strong foundation when it comes to conceptual understanding. Our Live Interactive Classes, study material, Practice worksheets, sample Exam papers for Class 9 are created and handled by the subject experts.

9th Class Physics Telangana & Andhra

Class 9 Physical Sciences concepts explained in detail by the Subject Expert.

9th Class Biology Telangana & Andhra

Class 9 Biological Science Concepts explained with illustrations by an Expert Tutor

9th Class Social Studies Telangana & Andhra

Class 9 Social Sciences copcepts Clearly Explained by Highly Experienced Tutors

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